About Us

14 Years in Jewellery

Since 2004

Doncaster Jewellers is located right in the town centre, a few hundred yards from the Frenchgate Shopping centre, opposite to Priory Walk, on the HIGH STREET.

Doncaster Jewellers has been established since 2004, in the United Kingdom, under the name of UK DIAM JEWEL Limited.

We pride ourselves on giving genuine great prices, advice and all work is completed swiftly and to the highest standard. We are also leading manufacturers for the trade.

As a manufacturer, we import our jewellery from Thailand, China and the Middle East and supply to most of the chain shops across the UK.

We have a wide collection of 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold, silver, precious stones and diamond collections.

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Only the Best

Ethically Sourced Jewels & Materials


We stock a fantastic range of jewellery items, in gold, silver and platinum. We also stock many items with semi-precious and precious stones including beautiful diamond collections.


A popular service is our pawnbroking business. If you have unwanted jewellery sitting at home, then why not make some money?
We will exchange your unwanted gold and silver for cash. If you’ve inherited some jewellery you’re never going to wear, why not sell it and buy something more suitable?
We also consider loaning money against jewellery and luxury watches.


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We also buy your gold, silver and platinum jewellery and will do our best to offer you the best prices. Get a great price for your unwanted items.
We will buy a variety of items from you, for instant cash, including gold and silver, jewellery and luxury watches.

What items can I get cash for?

Sell Your Jewellery
We will buy your unwanted gold or silver jewellery whether it’s broken, damaged or unhallmarked.

Sell Your Watch
Looking to sell your luxury watch? Our expert watch buyers can give you a free, no obligation, quote on buying your watch from you.

Designed and Handmade In House

Our highly skilled workforce specializes in all creating that perfect piece of jewellery, just for you or your loved one.

We cover most types of jewellery manufacturing – silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold, plating up to Vermeil quality, precious and semi-precious stones, diamond-set, pave, micro-pave and CZ.

Our team of experts are waiting for your call.

Get in touch, to discuss your requirements and to arrange a consultation, in the first instance.


How It Works


Chat With An Expert

Discuss your requirements, in detail, with one of our team of experts. An informal appointment will be made.

Gemstone Selection

If your design includes a gemstone, this is the stage where it is selected from a range of varying quality and sizes.


Design Your Ring

It is important that you have the right ring mount, setting and shanks, in the material of your choice.